“I met Stacey at a panel discussion on Depression – at which she was a speaker, as an attendee – accompanied by a close friend…and we made a joke that just listening to Stacey talk about coping and improving mindfulness made us feel better. 
Through her mindfulness classes, in a very short time, I have found a pathway to peacefulness in a caretaking living situation that previously exhausted me and left me dangling – coping with severe anxiety and instability. I am calmer...and have increased resilience to unexpected and high stress situations, which crowd my everyday life. Being a caretaker means very often dealing with unpredictable or repeated complex situations. As a digital professional, I also spend a lot of time in fast paced situations with little time put aside for self care.

I have started to make room for meditation in my every day, and this, along with every other bit of instruction from our mindfulness sessions, has given me tools for coping, and an understanding of my own consciousness and experience, that allows me to observe my stressful moments and not be controlled by them.

She is not only amazing, but has a wealth of information and experience that changes anyone who opens themselves up to her services and guidance.”

Mindfulness Student, 2018

Stacey Camacho is amazing ! She has a passion for both western and eastern medicine , she has helped me have a breakthrough with my anxiety , especially for all us mothers with young kids and trying to have a balance between being a good mother , wife , worker , daughter ,sister. Etc !! I’ve been doing meditation classes and I have to say it has helped me a great deal with being mindful and teaching me how to shift my lens and look at the world differently, how to decipher important from non important stuff , how to love more and judge less , to be grateful more and to complain less , this is something that meditation is teaching me and it’s something that I will never stop learning , thanku stacey for passing on your fabulous knowledge .”

Mindfulness Student, 2017

“Stacey’s services have benefited me greatly, I definitely see a difference in every day life and our sessions are always enjoyable. I encourage everyone I know to see her whether it be as a psychotherapist, yoga teacher or meditation instructor :)”

Psychotherapy Client, 2018

“I concur…her meditation sessions are great…please note that it is NOT sitting in a meditative mode for an hour but it is a discovery of self in a safe environment!

Come give it a try…even if you just do it once…”

Mindfulness Student, 2018

“There is no doubt that Stacy is very educated and passionate about what she does. I did one of her mindfulness parenting courses and it was so enlighting to learn about my children’s brains, why they have meltdowns and how best to respond to it. It helped me become aware of my own emotions and how to respond with love instead of reacting and how to tune into what their unmet need is at that time. Stacy’s courses are fun, engaging, casual, relaxed and very informative. I would recommend her course to every parent. My daughter is now enrolled in her Kids Yoga and is amazing to see how patient and wonderful she is with children.”

Parent, Mindful Parenting Workshop, 2019

“Here’s my review, i finally got a chance to write it. 
I love Stacy’s classes! They challenge my body in ways totally different from the gym and relax and refresh my mind. I leave with a clear mind and open heart every time. I strongly recommend for anyone looking for a comfortable and caring environment.”

Yoga Student, 2018

“This is REALLY awesome! You have a nice encouraging sense of confidence behind your words… Fierce compassion… It’s a wonderful blend that this world could use a lot more of. Very well done, Stacey.”

Sean Fargo, Mentor, 2019

“Stacey provided grief counselling services to me. I would highly recommend Stacey Camacho, she gave me valuable insight into helping my son through a difficult period in his life. She’s experienced, committed, confident, articulate and passionate about people and giving back to the community. She would be an asset to any organization or group.”

Psychotherapy Client, 2013

Stacey was my children’s Yoga teacher. She is an energetic, empathetic compassionate person who is most generous in giving of herself and her time. She has generally kept all her appointments with my children and myself and she has always demonstrated a genuine concern for all children in her care.

Stacey is a natural care giver, gentle but yet also firm, she marshals her charges with love compassion and discipline, inspiring their creativity and focus on fun. Children respond positively to her and look forward to her yoga classes.

Her background in volunteering, training in psychology ,wellness and meditation, her experience with different cultures, her tolerance, organizing and running her own charity, her positivity and self-discipline, her can do attitude and passion for raising children’s confidence and compassion towards others all make her a natural kids favorite “Auntie”, she made my children’s top 5 favorite people list . a

 Parent, Mindfulness/Yoga for Kids, 2013

“Hi Stacey, I wanted to let you know, I really enjoyed your workshop last Saturday. I must admit, my attitude to self development programs in the past were sometimes a bit arrogant. It’s that stubborn part of me, always trying convince myself, I don’t need anyone’s help, but as I get older, things are starting to change for me. Your workshop opened my eyes and made me realize I’ve been depriving myself of a learner mind. It also made me aware of how desensitized I’m becoming to a lot things whether or not I wanted to admit it. So I’m happy I participated. 

Learning how to manage my stress properly was another key thing I took away from the workshop. I liked the heart practice exercises we did, it was helpful and the tools you provided on the handout will be useful to me going forward. I’m making an extra effort to practice it daily now. 

You do have a gift. Thank you for caring and providing this path. There aren’t many programs like yours and I hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity to see the benefits as I did.  Your drive and selflessness in creating this kind of awareness is admirable. It may not easy to get out there, but please know it’s making a difference. “

Student, Adult Mindfulness Workshop, 2019

“As the counselor at September High School, an independent school in Boulder, I have been Stacey’s supervisor during her practicum position here this Fall. I find Stacey to be self confident, experienced, authentic and caring. Students relate easily with Stacey and are comfortable being open and at ease with her. Stacey is open and warm, yet also spacious. She is able to be observant and at the same time is clearly engaged.

She is capable, intelligent and forthright in her communication. Stacey is able to both give and receive feedback in a manner that supports deepened understanding and further development of her role. As an international student and a well-traveled person, she brings a unique perspective. She is more aware of diversity issues and of privilege and power than many people.

I believe she will be able to relate with a diversity of people and backgrounds given her own multifarious life experiences and awareness of diversity and social justice. September High School features a relationship based, community oriented approach to learning. Stacey has been a great fit here, as her active participation in group activities and open, clear communication style has endeared her to our community.

I recommend her highly and with enthusiasm.”

Leslie, Mentor, 2014

“Our daughter did her mindfulness for youth program last year. It was absolutely wonderful! She came home after every class full of confidence and enjoyed every moment. She was so excited for this class and learned such valuable mindfulness tools that she was able to teach and explain it to our whole family. Stacey Camacho is an incredible teacher who is kind, attentive and patient with each of her students. This class is just beautiful and we love sending our daughter there!”

Parent, Mindfulness for Youth Program, 2019

“Your mental health is the most important thing for your happiness”