About Me

Today, I have moved my practice online as I continue to explore the world and the many mental practices that promote well-being and peace. I continue to practice psychotherapy and to teach mindfulness, meditation, and yoga online and do charitable within the community I choose to be.  I believe that my professional role at this time is to embody and pass on the mental practices that offered me the ability to explore my own mind and the minds of my patients in the most profound way possible, giving way to my personal and professional growth and which I believe are a catalyst for new levels of healing, growth, and transformation throughout the world.



Stacey has been invited to speak and teach on multiple panels, professional workshops and industry events.  She is considered a unique voice with her extensive background throughout the community as a psychotherapist and her current practice in mindfulness and meditation.

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Empowering Communities

Global Shapers “Disaster Resilience - The Mental Health Dimension.``

The Global Shapers Community, Port of Spain Hub - an Initiative of the World Economic Forum - launched ``Mental Health Matters,`` an ongoing series set within the Caribbean context with the mission of reducing the stigma of mental illness to improve patient's quality of life through increased access to knowledge and care.

Planting Seeds - Trade and Investment Convention (TIC) 2018

Planting Seed's mission is to provide a platform for entrepreneurship development in the Caribbean that educates and inspires individuals to innovate and exercise their full potential. They invited Stacey as a speaker for their business series for the 2018 TIC conference, which is one of the largest and most influential business-to-business events in the region.

Partnership with the United Nations

Stacey speaks alongside regional mental health leaders at the launch of her Non profit's Video series- Building Sustainable Minds - produced in partnership with the United Nations. She is featured in this video series as an expert on the topic of Inter-generational Trauma and Violence in her community- to be released by the end of 2020.

“As you understand your true nature and your true purpose, your life will be permanently transformed and then you can begin to transform the world.”

Brian L. Weiss